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October 5, 2009

I like digital books

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My reason for liking digital books doesn’t touch the problems discuessed in the article for this week, but it is an aspect of digital books that wasn’t covered. My wife works with people with disabilities. Digital books allow them to increase the size of the font (Which is also great for us older folks) or listen to the book. That computer generated voice may be annoying and grating to you, but it allows blind people to have access to material they could not get to before. Digital books allow people with other disiabilities to manipulate the book in ways that make no sense to me, but makes perfect sense to them.

There are problems with digital books – a business model, the lack of review processes, the stamp of respectability a book gets just because it got through a publisher to be published, but these books allow people to have access to material they otherwise would not get to read.



  1. Well as a beneficiary of digital books for people with disabilities. I agree that I like digital books, because of all the points you made. It is nice to be able increase font and have the books talk to you, as though you are you in a lecture. It is too bad that this technology is limited to the disabled and is rather expensive. One problem that does occur with the technology is that because of the font size increase, the whole pages are not available to scan. I dont mind it but for those who like the tradition of seeing a whole page, it can be cumbersome

    Comment by Brianna — October 6, 2009 @ 2:45 pm | Reply

  2. […] technology won’t save us all, and is causing more problems for me than it solves.  I appreciate The Old Scholar’s point about increasing accessibility for people with disabilities.  But once again, it’s a […]

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