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November 8, 2009

Another possible source of background material

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Google Reader gives me suggested blogs that I might be interested in built on what I have been searching for and reading off of the reader. Today they gave me a link to a project called DARIAH which is Digital Research Infrastructure for Arts and Humanities. The DARIAH project is very interesting to me -probably not so much to most everybody else.

But what is interesting is the Arts and Humanities.Net Web site, that they originally pointed me to.  You can go to their Tools tab and get a rundown of the different types of tools used to digitize artifacts, store data, etc. You can go to projects and look up projects that do things that are close to what you are doing for your project. They discuss the project, the different areas the project touches and then give you a link to the projects web site. There were some interesting digitization projects that incorporate the digitization of old records and the incorporation of Web 2.0 features. For instance there was The Old Bailey, which digitized the criminal proceedings of London courts (Digitization), added keyword searches (Data Mining tools) and set up a Wiki for people to add information about the people discussed in the proceedings (Web 2.0)

There were different map projects  one of which looked at medieval town plots in Wales and created 3d rendtions of them. There were projects that put up art works with discussions about them. This might be a place where you can find more information about types of projects already being done for your paper.  The site was


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