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November 29, 2011

HI 731 Trials

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I have completed a draft of my paper and welcome feedback from everyone. As I completed the paper I was more intrigued than ever on why England didn’t have a revolution in the nineteenth century. This “last revolution” would seem to provide all the ammunition people needed to distrust the government and clamor for change. Yet it did not happen. I know this topic has been studied extensively. Working on this paper makes me want to read and investigate those studies.


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  1. After class tonight I felt that the final paragraph did not say what I wanted it to say so I rewrote it to say

    The transformation of Jeremiah Brandreth from a member of the lowest sort to a hero was complete. He is not remembered as someone who led a failed revolution terrorizing the countryside and striking fear into the hearts of the farmers. He is remembered as a good man, a true Englishman who fought bravely for the common-man against the machinations of the government. Almost 200 years have passed since the Pentrich Revolution and people remember Brandreth fondly. The Pentrich Historical Society uses the profile of Jeremiah Brandreth as it logo while members of labour unions periodically reenact his march. Jeremiah Brandreth was not surprised by the government treachery, nor was he aware of his symbolization of the awakening consciousness of the working-class. He was only aware that his way of life was changing and reacted as he believed a brave Englishman should. This unexpected bravery from a member of the working-class has ensured that many would try to claim him as their champion as they celebrate that bravery.

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